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Sheet piling

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In connection with new construction, renovation, excavations, etc., sheet piling steel is often needed as a supporting structure to hold loose materials in place, either on land or in water.

Hermes keeps in stock:

Z-sheet piling:

  • This Z-shaped sheet piling has “locks” on the outside of the profile.
  • Due to its favorable geometry, it has a greater section modulus than other profiles.
  • Z-profiles do not need to be reduced in strength, as the “locks” on the outside prevent bending.

U-sheet piling:

  • U-profile sheet piling is used in all types of constructions due to its dimensional stability, durability and quality.
  • Very suitable for temporary structures and for small, medium and large projects with high soil and/or water pressure.
  • With a favorable profile and strong “locks,” the lifespan is generally longer than other types of steel sheet piling.

Steel beams and custom steel plates for bracing (shoring):

  • We keep in stock a wide range of steel beams and steel plates for use in foundation work.