Hopp til hovedinnhold

About Hermes

Hermes Marine Services was established in 1985 and has since been delivering steel fabrication and mechanical services to satisfied customers in Norway and abroad.

Throughout the years, our focus has been on company development, leading Hermes to serve the maritime, offshore and construction industries today.

We are based in Stavanger, with offices, workshops and warehouses located at Dusavik and in Stavanger East. With our diverse machinery and spacious facilities, both existing and new customers are welcome.

“Quality On Time” has been our motto and goal since the company’s inception and we have consistently delivered on this commitment. This success is made possible by a skilled and highly experienced workforce, modern facilities and an excellent working environment.

Our facilities include:

  • Four workshops with a total area of approximately 2000 sqm.
  • A separate stainless/acid-resistant workshop covering approximately 200 sqm.
  • An outdoor area in Stavanger East of 2500 sqm.
  • Equipment such as lathes, cutting tables (plasma and waterjet), milling machines, saws (capable of OD 1000 x 820mm), bending machines and large drilling machines.

Testing area:

  • A 100-ton crane (50+50 tons).
  • Certified foundations supporting up to 300 tons.
  • Eight 100-ton lifting eyes mounted in foundations.

Stainless/acid-resistant fabrication:

  • A dedicated workshop (200 sqm) for a clean carbon-free environment.
  • Two 5-ton cranes.
  • Plasma cutting tables.
  • Welding of acid-resistant, aluminum, Duplex and Super Duplex materials.

CNC Machining:

  • Multus 400: 5-axis machining, max OD 350mm, length 2050mm.
  • Okuma Genos 300: max OD 250mm, length 1060mm.
  • Okuma LB 15: max OD 250mm, length 1050mm.